Books are pieces of art.

They can take you to fantastic worlds, make you live a thousand lives or simply help you to acquire knowledge. For a very long time, books have enriched our lives and we appreciate them for the stories they tell us, the lessons they teach us and the memories we make reading them.

But how many books lead a lonely existence on our shelves after being read once or twice, only gathering dust? It is a pity to have them gather dust when there is so much you can do to pep up your home decoration with them.

We are not talking about arranging your books by the colour of their spine or grouping them in meticulously placed piles to make the room cosier, no – LiterARTure helps you to give books a second life while staying a piece of art.

We don’t judge a book by its cover,
but by its form.

We from LiterARTure believe in the concepts of “Art for Art”, “Sharing is Caring” and sustainability. We are convinced that throwing books away because they aren’t read anymore is a waste of more than only resources. By sharing with you the methods and possibilities of recycling those books into new and unique pieces of art, we contribute to a sustainable and artistic way of life.

In order to grant everyone the possibility of following these ideals, we are convinced that access to our model-creating-program should be free. Therefore, you can use this website for creating as many models as you want for free, with no hidden costs.

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